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Astrology hands over to you the reins to your life. Through the positioning of the cosmic bodies at the time of your birth, astrologers can help you discover your personality, hidden talents, and forecast the hurdles that you will face in your future. As they say, knowledge is power – Once you are aware of the hardships that you may face and the skills lying latent inside of you, you can live your life to the fullest. The internet is making the globe a smaller place. With the digital world, an Astrologer in Canada could help in making predictions for someone who lives in India and vice versa.

However, one needs to keep in mind that there is a difference in the astrological practices of the East and the West. Some of them have been highlighted below:

Astrology in the East

Astrology has been widely practiced in the East for many years. The European, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian astrology follow nearly the same philosophy but differ very slightly. However, they are noticeably different from the astrology practices in the West. In India, the predictions are made on the basis of fixed star zodiac with the birth as the epicenter of all events. All the astrological practices can be clubbed as Vedic astrology and are also known as Sidereal astrology. This gives a better understanding of the karmic inclinations of a person and how they have been manifested in the individual.

Those who seek Vedic astrologers in the west will find that Babaji is a very reputable astrologer in Canada, who is known to make accurate readings for his followers. He practices the old Hindu form of astrology and helps in making people’s lives easier.

Astrology in the West

Astrology is a fairly new concept in the West where tropical astrology is practiced. The Western astrology charts are quite different from that of the Vedic charts. As opposed to the square chart followed in the East, astrologers in the West refer to a chart that is circular in shape. Western astrology is focused on the psychology of the individual and therefore is considered to be a smidge more reliable than Sidereal astrology.

In recent times, one has witnessed the coming together of the Eastern and Western forms of astrology. Due to migration, the forms of astrology are no longer local and endemic to regions. There is a strong possibility for you to find a Vedic  astrologer in Canada as much as you can find a tropical astrologer in the Middle East.

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